BOHLALE ENERGY, has worked hard to provide a compelling and economically beneficial solution for our customers to cover their site requirements. Thanks to our integral knowledge of operations within Southern Africa, we can ensure storage, safe and reliable delivery of high-quality Petroleum products to our customers at a fair price. 

BOHLALE ENERGY sources exclusively from top tier refineries and oil companies who guarantee specification for their own product. We have supply agreements and allocation with a wide range of suppliers including but not limited to Engen, BP, Total, Chevron and Shell. All deliveries are done via “sealed parcel delivery” for your peace of mind.


At BOHLALE ENERGY we insure our on-time delivery of product to customers and eliminate any possible delays in the supply chain by employing contracted transporters and having dedicated vehicles fit for purpose.

BOHLALE ENERGY strives to achieve service excellence to our customers from start to finish with the employment of a dedicated transport coordinator to facilitate timeous deliveries.


Bohlale Energy is a proudly South African owned and founded company, we pride ourselves on the strategic partners we have established with most of the major oil companies in South Africa. In the relatively short period that Bohlale Energy has been around we have established a niche market by offering innovative alternatives to ours clients. We provide the resources and capacity to create opportunities by offering real competitive pricing, driven by service excellence and fuelled by passion and commitment for rapid growth.